Dirty Delta$

Dirty Delta$

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Cuddy of Cali Life Musik presents HWY FOE Dirty Delta$

14 Songs, 47min 


Missippi, San Quinn, King Cydal, Bruce Bang, and  Zone 28 Grams

1. Full Speed (feat. Missippi)

2. I Needs Mo

3. Stackin' All Day (feat. San Quinn)

4. Hitten' Switches On 'Em (feat. King Cydal)

5. Changing Like The Season

6. I Be On My Grind

7. The Man Out Here (feat. Missippi)

8. Ain't Gonna Loose Control (feat. San Quinn)

9. Cant You See (feat. Missippi & San Quinn)

10. Time To Breathe 

11. You Know How It Go 

12. On The Highway (feat. Bruce Bang)

13. Rain Falls (feat. Missippi & Zone 28 Grams)

14. Check It Out Bro (feat. San Quinn)